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Lake Breeze Vineyards

Lake Breeze Vineyards

Naramata Bench, BC

Lake Breeze was named for the winds that blow across the bluffs year round. We are located on the renowned Naramata Bench on Lake Okanagan.

The wine farm consists of a 14 acre parcel originally named Rock Oven Vineyards. The first vines on the property were planted in 1985, making them some of the oldest on the Naramata Bench. The mature vines, coupled with a predominantly westerly aspect ensure plenty of sun exposure and ideal ripening conditions.

The MacIntyre family purchased the property in 2001. Although the beginnings were humble, the promising craft of a young winemaker inspired the MacIntyres to invest extensively and pour their hearts into this wild venture.

Lake Breeze is undeniably one of the most beautiful wineries in British Columbia. We honour the sense of place, the land and pride in agriculture, through careful and meticulous viticultural practices. We and our family of growers on the Naramata Bench produce exceptional fruit from which we create our portfolio of fine wines.

We endeavour to take the natural expression of the grape and transfer it to the bottle with minimal intervention. We delight in the experiences that we provide to our visitors and try to create a connection that can be re-experienced each time you open one of our wines.

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